How to set up a Facebook Store

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is unquestionably the king of social networks. And with this many users, Facebook has some serious ability to get advertisers’ products in front of billions. Currently, Facebook offers a good platform of opportunities for selling your products… but comes with all kinds of complications.
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How to Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2
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Magneto has been a beloved and potent e-commerce platform for over a decade now. Technology is always in constant shift, so it will come to no surprise that Magneto built up over time to become Magneto 2. The shift from one service platform to its shiny new self is not as quick and simple as you might hope, though. Below we will be covering the details of Magneto 2 to help your migration go well.

Progressive Web Apps in your digital strategy
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Website apps have single-handedly changed the dynamics of doing business on the internet. A new generation of web apps called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have emerged and are doing good for the future generations to come. This article gives an insight into PWAs and what makes it a unique pick!

moving from magento
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With the growth of the internet, eCommerce has been a must-have platform for both small and big businesses fighting to get hold of millions of new customers using their websites. In fact, in 2018 alone, there were over 1.8 billion online buyers who spent a total of $2.8 trillion. With that amount of money on the line, which business wouldn’t want to have a “slice of the pie”?

digital transformation frame
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Does your business have a digital strategy? If not, it's probably holding you back. According to a study done by MIT Sloan Management Review, having a digital strategy is your ticket to success. Your company needs to stay on top of the ever-changing digital landscape. But it's a tall order trying to change your digital processes.

Digital Transformation in Retail
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The rapid in rise of digital solutions being available for everyday tasks and online solutions have caused a multitude of industries and organizations to change. You no longer need to wait out on the road for a taxi or call one, Uber has that handled for you. Digital compact discs no longer fill your selves, Spotify has all the music you need at your fingertips. Books are available on your Kindle, not on your bookshelf. There are numerous other examples in everyday life where digital media has replaced physical media. To a certain extent, this is also true for retail.

Going Serverless for Shopify Plugin/App Development
By Amit Bisht

We Currently shifted our Shopify app from a server to a function in the cloud, on AWS that's called a lambda function.

Lamborghini with one gallon in tank
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A few years ago, microsites were one of the hottest ammunition deployed by brands to promote a new product launch, new campaign, generating new targeted leads.

Digital Marketing Techniques
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The world of marketing is dynamic. Digital marketing is forever adapting and evolving to new technology, new trends, and new techniques. 74% of people say they use Facebook for professional reasons. This means that of the 2.38 billion monthly active users, 1.76 billion of them are there for professional reasons. That's a lot of leads that can be generated and qualified for your business. But business growth doesn't happen without a marketing plan. Check out these essential digital marketing techniques every SME needs to know.

 Digital Transformation Strategy
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For many businesses, implementing a digital transformation strategy has been extremely beneficial. Some rely on it entirely. And as a small business owner, you'd love to jump into the action so you can succeed even more.However, digital transformation isn't as simple as it sounds. And when you're on a smaller budget, you need to be wise in your investments.But don't worry! Keep reading to learn more about digital transformation to help you determine whether it is best for your business.

A New Goon on the Block: Magento Killer
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To add to the list of woes of PHP, there is another security hole; a new iniquitous PHP script has made it to the web attacking e-commerce stores using Magento Platform. This Goon script does not actually kill the Magento Instance but does enough to get its name. It attacks the core_config_data table of the e-commerce platform to steal payment info.

digital marketing trends
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Did you just start your own business? Want to put yourself out there? If so, you'll want to invest in some marketing. You know what they say—in order to make money, you need to spend money! How else would people learn about your services? Here's a tip—put together a digital marketing strategy. If anything, it's one of the best things that you can do to grow your brand. After all, almost everyone is online nowadays! Want to learn more about the digital marketing trends for 2019? If so, you're on the right page! We'll be going over everything that you need to know below.

Shopify Plus
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According to a 2018 industry report, American consumers spent about $517.36 billion online. Retaining sales hit the $3.628 trillion mark. Such statistics could provide an answer to why E-commerce platforms have become very popular with most online entrepreneurs.

Replatforming Fears That Hold Your Business Back
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Sometimes, it seems easier to stick with what you know, but your current ecommerce platform could be the main thing holding your business back.Sadly, that’s true for many businesses. Even when you can see the obvious problems with what you’re using now, at least you know how 10022rk around those issues.

By Chetan Joshi

Mainly there are two methodologies that are quite popular in the tech industry; a waterfall project management and agile project management. After using both of these project management practices, experts have started realizing that the hybrid of both methodologies is of utmost value.