eCommerce Design Development

eCommerce Design & Development

Your success in such a highly competitive digital age depends on your ability to respond to rapidly changing digital trends and adapting new technologies.

We help businesses to choose the right platform that fits their digital commerce needs to serve their customers. We at Ziggle Tech are equipped with the necessary experience and tools to support your digital commerce needs.

eCommerce and Omnichannel Build

Consumers are not only buying on online or physical stores but also on social platforms, marketplaces, messaging platforms and during live events. You need to choose right digital commerce platform and scalable strategy to sell through all these channels.

Replatforming & Experience Redesign

Is your eCommerce platform robust and scalable enough to meet your growing demand?
Are you delivering a solid user experience to maximize ROI on your replatforming project?

We help you choose the best platform that works best for your business after a study of your technology stack and business and a careful evaluation of various options.

Need Help With Replatforming?

Invite us for a free replatforming study.

SaaS App Development

We develop cloud-based scalable, multi-tenant B2C and B2B SaaS software applications with super intuitive and modern user experience.

We are a process driven team yet agile to work towards product/market fit. Instead of developers for hire, think of us more as a strategic and efficient technology solutions partner.

Enterprise Website Design or Replatforming

Share ideas, organize information, collaborate and create compelling customer experiences

Your product or business needs best in class digital experience platform. Digital experience platform is more than just a website, it empowers businesses to deliver outstanding customer experience.

We can help you to design or replatform your enterprise website and help you in your digital transformation journey.

Enterprise Portal Or Website Design

Cloud Infrastructure Development
& Migration

Cloud computing is not just a buzz word anymore, it can not only reduce your infrastructure and hardware costs significantly but also improve scalability, reliability and mobility.
Do you have cloud migration in your IT Strategy and looking for a partner to help you in developing and migrating your infrastructure to cloud?

Our experts at Ziggle Tech have experience in developing high available cloud infrastructure, we can help you to seamlessly migrate your on-prem or dedicated hosting to AWS, Google or Azure cloud. If you want to know how much will it cost you to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud and get an estimate of monthly saving, contact us.

Need Cloud Strategy?

Our Cloud Solution Architects and C-Level Executives will help you to develop your cloud strategy that fits your needs.



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