Planning for Business Growth: Digital Marketing Techniques SMEs Can't Ignore

By Ziggle Tech

Digital Marketing Tactics SMEs Can't Ignore

Business growth doesn't happen without a marketing plan. Check out these essential digital marketing techniques every SME needs to know.

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The world of marketing is dynamic. Digital marketing is forever adapting and evolving to new technology, new trends, and new techniques.

74% of people say they use Facebook for professional reasons. This means that of the 2.38 billion monthly active users, 1.76 billion of them are there for professional reasons. That's a lot of leads that can be generated and qualified for your business.

But business growth doesn't happen without a marketing plan. Check out these essential digital marketing techniques every SME needs to know.

SEO is a Digital Marketing Foundation

A business cannot function in the digital world without an SEO strategy, it is that simple. SEO is no longer deciding on a few small keywords. Then implementing them hoping your business will land on the top page of search results.

Google's algorithms are updated regularly so your SEO needs to evolve with these changes.

Focusing your SEO strategy on a local market is paramount in 2019 and beyond. Google will prioritize local searches and weed out results that are not geographically relevant to a searcher's request.

Prioritize your local SEO strategy. Perform competitor research and implement your new SEO tactics to ensure your business is ahead of the algorithm changes and the digital marketing game.

Using Responsive Web Design

51% of time spent online in the USA is spent on mobile devices.

So your digital marketing strategy is incomplete if you're not incorporating mobile marketing. Your website needs to be responsive to any and almost all devices.

If someone lands on your website while on their mobile device, your website should be 'responsive'. This means responsive in how the design adapts to the screen they're viewing it on.

The responsive design needs to include design capabilities for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Not only should your website be responsive, but you also need to put the focus onto the loading speed of your pages. Faster-loading websites are given preference in search engine results, so prioritize this as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Another option is to look into having a web app for your business. Progressive web apps are how the digital marketing world is moving toward.

Using Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a while now, but bigger businesses are taking note. So should you.

Nowadays, influencer marketing doesn't mean that you have to hire a celebrity or even someone with thousands of followers. Micro-influencers are taking the world by storm.

If your target market is mothers in their thirties, and you find an influencer in your local area with a following whose demographic is just that. Then reaching a solid 1000 leads through influencer marketing is better than reaching 10,000 people who aren't your target audience.

Search for hashtags relevant to your business, shortlist some influencer candidates and then contact them directly. Don't be afraid to ask to see their numbers and audience breakdown it will help you make the right decision.

The most important part of deciding to use influencer marketing is to keep track of your ROI, so ensure you have a process in place so you can measure the success of the campaign.

Digital Marketing Techniques: A Quick Recon

We realize it's difficult to decide to fully embrace digital marketing techniques and make the changes you need to make to find success. 10022

But it needs to be done.

The biggest part of staying successful with your digital marketing is staying in the know with the trends and making sure that you're aware when changes are being made. And then, adapt your strategy as the landscape changes.

You should also look at a digital transformation strategy so that your business is functioning at the optimum digital level, we can help you with this.