Magento 2 Upgrade: How to Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2

By Ziggle Tech

Magento 2 Upgrade: How to Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2

Are you looking to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2? Check out this guide to learn how it's done.

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Magneto has been a beloved and potent e-commerce platform for over a decade now.

Technology is always in constant shift, so it will come to no surprise that Magneto built up over time to become Magneto 2.

The shift from one service platform to its shiny new self is not as quick and simple as you might hope, though.

Below we will be covering the details of Magneto 2 to help your migration go well.

Reasons to Shift to Magneto 2

While the update from Magneto 1 to Magneto 2 isn't going to be a desperate need, there are plenty of reasons to switch.

In case you were still on the fence about the update at all, here are a few of the main reasons to move forward.

1. No More Updates

Magneto 1 is an abandoned system. This is a common aspect of software when the developers have made enough updates or a breakthrough in technology to create a new system.

There are ways to keep using Magneto 1, but any issues you may have with the software will not have patch solutions. You are on your own unless you upgrade.

2. More Tools and Services

Every upgrade that is worth your time gives you more tools, options, and services.

Magneto 2 is not an exception to this. The new system comes with a massive variety of options, from easier product creation to enhanced mobile experience.

The Upgrading Process

When you feel you are able to tackle Magneto 2, then you will need a guide through the upgrading process.

Follow these major steps for a steady migration. If you need more help, there are more in-depth guides.

1. Review Extensions

Dig through all of your extensions that you use with your current store. Some of them will have easy support in Magneto 2, some may have alternatives you can use.

2. Plan Capacity

Understanding your needs in regards to the functionality of your store is vital. Even without an update, this can be a powerful process to help understand what your site needs to move forward.

3. Build and Test

At this point, it is time to install Magneto 2 and start managing the various settings.

Set up your store inside the program, tweak and manage what settings work best for what you want. This is where you will be able to get a hand for Magneto 2's potential and what it can do for you.10022

4. Migrate Information

This is where the bulk of the work comes in the process.

You will need to stop all activity on Magneto 1's admin panel and stop Magneto 1's cron jobs. You should keep order management functions during the process.

Make sure you test out Magneto 2 as much as you can after reindexing. Better to catch any information errors now than when you are live.

5. Update and Go Live

The last part of the process is to update all your incremental data. This includes new orders, reviews and changes in customer profiles.

After that, you can launch the new store and go live. Good luck!

An Update to Your Ecommerce

To keep up with the competition, you need to keep on top of all the options you have available. Magneto 2 is an update filled with ways to boost your business with powerful options.

For more looks at how you can refine your e-commerce ability, we here at Ziggle Tech can help. Contact us today for more info!