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With our unique migration process and experienced Shopify solution architect we are best positioned to help with upgrading Magneto 1 store


Magento is shutting down Magento 1.X support on June 30, 2020. You don’t want to leave your business vulnerable to threats. Based on the complexity of the store, it can take up to 4-6 months to Migrate, so you should start the Migration Process now.

Our Process

Planning and Storyboarding


Go over the data requirements (Product catalog, categories, users, orders, coupons) and custom extensions, 3rd party integration, taxes, UX/UI requirements if any.

Planning and Storyboarding
Prototyping and UX
Prototyping and UX

Data Migration

We will migrate the existing database with all the products, Products, Product Categories, Manufactures, Taxes, Customers, Orders, Coupons. We will make sure the upgraded store has all the data and features. We will also be mindful of Search Engine optimizations that you have done to the existing store and will also migrate those.


Theme and Apps Integration

We will develop a new Private Shopify Apps to replace old custom development that was done in the previous Magento version. We are partners with Shopify Plus and top 1% App providers


Stakeholder communication

Stakeholders and staff are brought up to speed about the changes and enhancements Shopify upgrade brings.



The last step, We will launch your awesome store that we created on Shopify. We will make sure everything has been migrated and provide extensive support untill you feel comfortable.


Why Shopify

Shopify helps you focus on business rather than worrying about your eCommerce store. Shopify/ Shopify+ provides a platform that adjusts to the growing needs of your business. No need to worry about speed and headaches of high availability when you grow. Shopify offers a wide range of plans tailored to your business needs.

Ziggle Tech is your eCommerce Store Migration to Shopify Expert

Ziggle Tech is Shopify plus partner and has migrated 50 plus stores to Shopify. Ziggle Tech is a partner with developers and designer that are expert in developing Shopify apps and Shopify themes that offer the best modern user experience.


Development Award Winners


Expert Shopify App Developers


Transparent through the whole Project

Optimize CAC

Goals oriented Delivery

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