Industry Readiness Programme

Employment-Focused Project-Based Summer Internship & Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

2019 Program Dates:
Jun 17 – Aug 16

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GOAL OF THIS PROGRAM: To make students employable and industry ready as a full stack web developer


8 Weeks Program

6 days/week and 10 hours/day
Option 1: Full time at our Noida office.
Option 2: Three weeks at our Noida office and five weeks online.

Who should apply?

B.Tech. 5th Semester or higher
M.C.A. 3rd Sem or higher
B.C.A. 3rd Sem or higher
B.Sc. CS/IT 2nd or 3rd Year

Achievement Certificate

Upon completion of 8 weeks internship training program, all students will receive an Internship Completion certificate with a link to their completed project and Github URL.

Bragging Rights

Students will write one blog each week about their learning, and full case study towards the end of the program. These blogs and case studies will be published on an online portfolio website along with their name for social proof.

Project-Based Learning

Accumulate a project portfolio to build your brand with prospective employers.

Tuition Fee: Rs. 7,500

Rs. 15,000

Special discount for girls: 10%

Pay when you start the program


Session 1. Introduction To Computer Science
  1. Ruby on Rails/OOP
  2. Algorithms
  3. Data Structures, Graphs
  4. DBMS, Operating System, Computer Networks
  5. Theory of Hash Tables and Computation
  6. Computer Architecture
  7. Web Server
  8. AWS Cloud
  9. Communication tools, development tools, design tools, requirements document tools, IDE

Session 2. Full Stack Web Development
  1. Web Development

    1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript fundamentals

    2. CSS and JavaScript frameworks

    3. User Interface design

    4. Responsive design with Bootstrap framework

    5. Single Page App development with ReactJS, Vue

  2. Working with Git

  3. Building RESTful Web APIs

    1. Developing APIs with Ruby, Introduction to Serverless with AWS Lambda

    2. Deployment and best practices

    3. Working with cloud platform for hosting the app and other services

  4. Working with a database for data persistence to Web APIs

  5. Authentication

  6. Testing

Session 3. Develop, Launch Production-Grade Web Application
  1. Assisted full-stack web application development

  2. Develop and deploy a production-grade web application

Session 4. Campus Placement Readiness
  1. Aptitude Test

  2. Logical Thinking Ability

  3. Communication

  4. Share your expertise, work, experience with confidence

  5. Resume preparing, building your LinkedIn and Git profile

  6. Interview preparation and STAR ideas

Session 5: Hackathon Contest
  1. Students can come up with their own ideas and apply their learning to develop a web application.

  2. Ziggle Tech can help in polishing the best idea to launch and provide necessary support and seed funding.

What Skills you will learn?

Ruby on Rails/OOP

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

React JS & Vue JS

Bootstrap Responsive Design

Database Designing with MySql

API Development

Working With Git

Single Page App development



Kuldeep Tomer


Danny Vargas


Ankit Joshi


Amit Bisht


Jitendra Shahi


Chetan Joshi


Atul Bisht


Devina Chandola


*This internship program is only for our Noida, India location.