• 1. Let’s Discuss

    During this phase we will discuss your problem and your digital transformation needs. We will iterate on your understanding of the problem space, and potential solutions.

  • 2. Planning and Storyboarding

    We will form user stories that clearly define the scope of the project. Your requirements will be put down on a project management tool such as trello in the form of user stories, to define the project scope. We will then build a roadmap and backlog.

  • 3. Prototyping and UX

    Our design team creates the wireframes for user stories and presents them to you. We get your feedback, incorporate them and come up with designs which we will be building on.

  • 4. Sprints

    We break down our product development cycle into multiple sprints that are around 2 weeks each. Each sprint has a Monday morning sprint planning meeting and daily ten-minute stand-ups. Each second Friday we have a sprint conclusion demo and a retrospective.

  • 5. Feedback

    We set up a staging server where our continuous delivery manager will automatically deploy the latest code we push. You can check the status of your project anytime on our staging server and provide us feedback.

  • 6. Acceptance

    Once we deliver a user story, you can test it out on our staging server and accept the story or leave feedback.

  • 7. Completion

    Once all stories have been accepted, we will prepare the project for delivery and give you all documentation of work.

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